Winter Palace and Palace Square in St Petersburg - Russia

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Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Russia - the former Imperial Palace of Russian Tsars, now is a part of main museum complex of the State Hermitage.

The current building of the palace (the fifth one) was built in 1754-1762 by the Italian architect Rastrelli in magnificent Elizabethan style, with Baroque elements in the French rococo interiors. It is an object of cultural heritage of federal importance and UNESCO World Heritage object as part of the historic center of St Petersburg. Since its completion in 1762 to 1904 it was used as the official Winter Residence of the Russian Tsars.

In 1904 Nicholas II changed permanent residence to Alexander Palace in Tsarskoye Village. From October 1915 to November 1917 at the palace worked Hospital named after Alexei Nikolaevich.

From July to November 1917, at the palace was housed the Provisional Government. In January 1920, the palace opened State Museum of the Revolution, which divided building with the State Hermitage until 1941.

The Winter Palace and Palace Square form a beautiful architectural ensemble of a modern city and are one of the main objects of domestic and international tourism. The palace building has 1,084 rooms, 1,945 windows, 117 stairs (including hidden). The length of the facade from the Neva River - 137 meters from the Admiralty - 106 meters and height of 23.5 meters.

In 1844 Nicholas I issued a decree banning the building in St Petersburg civil buildings above the height of the Winter Palace. They were to be built at least one less than seven feet. Despite the restructuring and many innovations, the main planning scheme of palace retained ideas Rastrelli. Palace housing are formed around the Big inner courtyard.

Grand Throne Room Winter Palace

In the north-west and south-west wings in place "Throne Room" and "Opera House" were created light courtyards around which formed enfilades of living quarters. From the east to the Winter Palace adjoins the Small Hermitage, built along the "Black Directions." To this drive come housing of St George Hall, Great Church housing, south-east and north-east wing of the palace, the space is broken into a system of yards and hollows: "Small" and "Large ecclesiastical" neighborhood, "Church" and "garage" (from the garage located here) swales, "Kitchen court".

Elegance and magnificence of the building's silhouette give the sculptures and vases, mounted above the cornice around the perimeter of the building.

They were originally carved out of stone and replaced with metal in years of 1892-1902 (sculptors M. Popov, Jensen). "Opened" composition of the Winter Palace is kind of Russian processing of closed type of the palace building with a courtyard widespread in architecture of Western Europe.

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