Stalin’s Bunker Moscow

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What You Will See

The Secret Soviet Bunker-42, also known as the Cold War Museum Moscow is the only one declassified military object in Russia. It is located at a depth of 65 meters under the ground in the center of Moscow.

The bunker 42 was fully equipped with everything needed for a nuclear attack such as air recycling system, diesel generators, stocks of food and fuel. About 30 000 people could live and work here for 90 days without any connection with the outside world.

Nowadays it is a museum and everybody can see this secret object which includes 4 interconnected blocks, the command room, dining room, an elegant marble meeting hall, and Stalin’s office and living area.

The Museum Staff Guides wearing the Soviet KGB uniforms that are friendly will make you get involved into the object. You might feel as agents in charge. After quite an impressive 20-minute film on the history of nuclear tests during Cold War the guides will walk you through the underground “blocks”, the secured tunnels where you can hear raid sirens. You will feel the mystery of the object which helps you to feel the atmosphere of the Cold War, environment of those days.

Details of the Tour

Stalin’s bunker Tour last for 2 hours and during this time you will discover:

  • How the USSR prepared itself for a nuclear attack;
  • Declassified weapons and document exhibitions and retrospectives on the Cold War as experienced by the Soviet authorities or Stalin himself;
  • New historical pages about the Soviet era and the Cold War;
  • Details of the nuclear confrontation between the Soviet Union and the USA.

The History of the Palace

The object was built in 1930s in anticipation of the conflict with Germany. This building was just a shell and served as an entry to the 7000 square meters space- one of the main secret objects of the USSR.

To conceal the construction of Stalin’s bunker, the government of USSR declared that they intended to construct a huge stadium there. Under the cover of construction activity of the stadium, engineering of the secret object was conducted. The 17th kilometer corridor leaded from Kremlin to the bunker.

It was intended to be the headquarters of the Long-Distance Air Forces. It was later converted to the ‘command center of the Supreme commander-in-chief of Red Army”.

In 1995 Stalin’s Bunker was declassified.

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