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To be on guided tours in St Petersburg is a good idea to explore Russia. Book top rated St Petersburg tours for a reasonable price!

To meet your expectations if a desired tour is not here, we will arrange your own tour to discover St Petersburg up to your interests. St Petersburg tour guides will give you a different scope of St Petersburg so that you could enjoy your time.

New walking tours in St Petersburg appear every year, our professional, knowledgeable and friendly tour guides create rare and unique St Petersburg itineraries.

  • Guide service, museum entrance tickets and transport on request are included into the price.

St Petersburg Guided City Tour by Car

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  • duration: 5 hours
  • price: 75 €

Guided Tour to Catherine Palace and Park in Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo) is one of the famous suburban residences of the Royal Family in St Petersburg, Russia. The palace has witnessed many crucial events of the history of the Russian Empire and visited by thousands of tourists each year. The palace still keeps the secrets of the Romanovs.

  • duration: 5 hours
  • price: 80 €

Guided Tour to Peterhof Palace, Parks with Fountains, to a favorite palace of Peter the Great, where you will be amused by trick fountains and plunge into images reflected in the numerous sculptures compositions decorating Grand Palace and fountains of Peterhof.

  • duration: 1,5 hours
  • price: 30 €

Guided Tour to St Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the most spectacular in St Petersburg, Russia. Granite massive colonnade, sculptural groups on the facades, variety of marble and semi-precious stones will take your imagination to be plunge into the architecture of the 19th century.

  • duration: 1 hour
  • price: 30 €

It is a huge museum of Art - mosaics cover 7 050 square meters as well as marble and semi-precious stones

  • duration: 2 hours
  • price: 45 €

The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg is a unique place of great collection of Art, the pride of Russia and her Northern Capital - St Petersburg. The museum houses more than three and a half million original exhibits of West - European Art and culture. The Winter Palace which is a part of the Hermitage museum opens your doors for you to observe a former official winter residence of Russian Tsars.

  • duration: 1,5 hours
  • price: 35 €

Tour to Peter and Paul fortress which is a birthplace of St Petersburg, Russia will bring you to the atmosphere of the beginning of the 18th century. During that tour you will take a walk around the fortress and have a guided tour inside the oldest Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in St Petersburg, a burial place for the Romanovs dynasty.

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