Terms & Conditions

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How to book

All the bookings should be done in a written way and confirmed via e-mail.

If you have any question or need some more information you can also contact Priora Tous by phone or by skype.

Your booking becomes effective when you pay a deposit on the basis of the invoice issued for you.

The invoice also includes all the services you book from us so as the payment and cancelation terms.

Paying deposit automatically means that you accept all the terms and conditions specified in your invoice.

Delivery: Tour Voucher &  Invoice

Having received your booking confirmation we send you Tour voucher and your invoice via email or by fax.

Tour voicher includes all the information regarding your booking: arrival/departure dates, accommodation confirmation, tour program, transfers, guide assitance and optional services.

Invoice includes all services booked from our company and the total payment of your tour with terms and conditions of payment and cancellation written in your invoice.


Your tour is considered booked on the date you pay a deposit on the basis of the invoice issued for you by our company.

You can pay with your bank card (up to 4% bank fee) on our site or make a bank transfer.

The amount of the deposit and the final payment as well as the terms of payment and cancelation are specified in the invoice and depend on the included services and the season.

Sometimes we don’t require any deposit at all and the total payment can be done in cash on your arrival.


In case of cancelation of a reservation or of any part of it you are required to do this in a written way via e-mail.

Your cancelation becomes effective on the date your letter is received which is confirmed with our reply letter.

The terms of cancelation are applied to each reservation and specified in the invoice issued for the reservation.

If it is not specified in a different way in your invoice all the services (excluding accommodation and theatre tickets) being canceled:

- up to 14 days before the arrival date are full-refundable (minus bank fees up to 4 % of the sum being refund)

- 13 days before the arriving date, late or in case no showing-up are non- refundable.

- Theatre tickets are non- refundable.

- The cancelation terms for the accommodation services are based on the hotel cancelation policy and are specified in the invoice issued for the request.