Murmansk City Tour - North of Russia

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What You Will See on Murmansk City Tour

The city is known in the world as located beyond the Arctic Circle, one the right bank of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea and it is considered to be one of the largest port cities in Russia and the capital of the Russian Arctic. Murmansk is the most northern city of Russia, the only non- freezing sea port of the Russian Military Glory!

The best time to travel to Murmansk is Winter. This city is the real winter fairytale especially for those who live in warm places and have never seen Russian real winter with its snow. Streets and forests are pure white, it is majestic for any winter activities.

The main and most awesome miracle of Murmansk is northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

You will travel along numerous hills on which Murmansk city is located and enjoy untouched nature of the place passing by Five Corners Square, the main square of the city with two tallest buildings in the city, The Church of the Savior on Waters, the most remarkable Orthodox Church in the city. You will see Lenin Nuclear Icebreaker which is not only a historical ship but thу first nuclear powered civilian vessel.

Murmansk memorial light house

Memorial Complex “To seamen who died in peacetime” will touch your soul with its solemnity and sincerity. You will touch the darkest pages of modern Russia to found out what happened to the submarine “Kursk” and who was the last sailor who could have witnessed the tragedy but will keep silent forever.

Murmansk Lenin Icebreaker

You will be impressed by Semenovskoye Lake, the monument to the unknown soldier “ Alyosha” and one of the most mysterious and Russian monuments dedicated to Women.

Details of the Tour

Murmansk City Tour lasts 3 hours and during this time you will discover:

  • why the city was given the name “Murmansk”;
  • what happened to the city during the Second World War;
  • why the monument “Alyasha” bears such a name;
  • why the white color is one of the symbolic for the city and feel the difference between Murmansk city locals in comparison the central part of Russia;

The History of Murmansk City

The city of Murmansk was founded on October 4, 1916 as Romanov-on-Murman, the last city founded in the Russian Empire. Six months later, after the February Revolution, city adopted its current name – Murmansk.

In 1920, academician Alexander Fersman began conducting systematic expeditions of geological exploration, which resulted in the discovery of large deposits of apatite and other, partly previously unknown minerals. After these discoveries, the rapid growth of the Kola Peninsula industry began.

During the Second World War the city was affected badly but the enemy never set foot on the territory of Murmansk.

Murmansk winter

The Kola Bay Fjord of the Barents Sea is the very heart of the city of Murmansk. It is thanks to it that the city appeared once here, among mossy hills, on a stony, rocky shore.

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