Tour to the Coast of the Arctic Ocean in Teriberka

  • Price: 115 €
  • Duration: 9 hours

We offer you take part in a fabulous and exciting tour to the coast of the Arctic Ocean on the Kola Peninsula to have a chance to admire the beauty of the Far North nature in its entire splendor.

You will be driven through the tundra on your way to the village of Teriberka located at the shore of the Arctic Sea, 120 km away from Murmansk. It is the only place in Russia that can be reached by road to see the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

You will be passing by vast and wild Nordic hills called “sopka” in the Russian language, which are formed around frozen lakes and enjoy landscapes very alike to the Norwegian Fiords.

Tour to the Coast of the Arctic Ocean in Teriberka

This abandoned place got very popular after the famous Russian movie «Leviafan» which had been shot here. It is 20 degrees off the North Pole, so it is almost at the edge of the Earth.

During your tour you will see one of the most northern beaches in Russia with huge round boulders, looking like dinosaur's eggs and a magnificent wild waterfall, falling to the Arctic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean coast, frozen rocks, tundra all against the mighty Barents Sea.

Making a stop next to the “The cemetery of Deserted Ships”, a graveyard of ancient wooden boats sunk in a small bay brings you back to the last century.

Taking an exciting snowmobile ride to enormous and wild rocks with glorious view will make your journey adventurous.
You will get acquainted with amazing local nature untouched by the human’s hand and be treated with lunch at the local restaurant of Nordic cuisine.

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