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What You Will See on Saint Isaac's Cathedral Tour

Guided Tour to St Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the most spectacular in& St Petersburg, Russia.

You will be impressed not only from outside but inside even more with the luxury of interiors:

  • granite massive colonnade in a classical style
  • baroque sculptural groups on the facades of St Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersburg representing different scenes from St Isaac’s life whose name the Cathedral bears, gilded dome sparkling on a sunny day.
  • different sorts of marble and semi-precious stones were used to decorate walls, vaults and floors.
  • icon painting as well as Russian mosaics technique will draw your attention; high vaults will take your imagination to be plunge into the masterpiece of the 19th century.

Try to walk around St Isaac Cathedral to observe it from different corners as each corner will give you more impressions. The Cathedral is located on St Isaac Square surrounded by old historical buildings such Marie Palace, Astoria Hotel, Angleterre Hotel, the former Palace of Prince Lobanov-Rostovsky also known as the House with Lions, the equestrian monument to Nickolas 1st of Russia and the Blue Bridge.

St Isaac’s Cathedral Guided Tour in St Petersburg

History of St Isaac’s Cathedral in St Petersburg

It is a creation of the French architect de Auguste Monferrand, the largest Orthodox Cathedral in Russia with stunning exteriors and interiors. The gilded dome of St Isaac's Cathedral can be seen from a long distance and makes a harmony with the architecture of St Petersburg.

St Isaac’s Cathedral was under construction for 40 years but it was worth it as even now it looks magnificent. It was completed when the Russian Empire was at its peak.

St Isaac’s Cathedral survived two World Wars, three Russian revolutions and the most severe chapters of the Russian history- the Siege of Leningrad. It has never been touched by enemies but it has witnessed a lot. The Cathedral has become one of the symbols of St Petersburg city. Each year thousands of visitors come here to meet the Golden Era of the Russian Empire.

The tour will give you a chance to learn about the history of construction works as the cathedral was built almost  by hands. You will be impressed to know that 112 granite columns were lift up by primitive tools using mostly people’s hands. It is the 4th Cathedral to be built with the name St. Isaac’s as they made three efforts before to create something imposing enough and only the 4th one met their expectations.

St Isaac’s Cathedral Guided Tour in St Petersburg

Tour to St Isaac Cathedral lasts about 1 hour and during this time you will:

  • understand why the French architect of the Cathedral didn’t want to hurry and spent 40 years on construction
  • learn why the large columns of the Cathedral which weigh about 100 tons each had been erected before the walls were built
  • know why Russians were afraid that one day the cathedral would suddenly go down the earth and what steps were taken to avoid it
  • have a chance if you are strong and healthy to climb 330 steps and see St Petersburg from Cathedral's colonnade

St Isaacs Cathedral Guided Tour in St Petersburg

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