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Yaroslavl is the oldest existing city on the Volga River. It was founded in 1010 by Yaroslav the Wise, the son of the Kievan Prince Vladimir. It is located about 265 km north-east of Moscow.

More than 20 churches dating from the 17th century still stand in the city today. All of these outstanding monuments embody the best traditions of the Old Russian architecture such as the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior founded in 1516 which is UNESCO-listed Monastery was one of Russia’s richest and best-fortified monasteries by the 16th century and the Cathedral of Transfiguration.

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Nowadays Yaroslavl attracts tourists from all over the world. Yaroslavl's river port is one of the largest on the Volga River with connections to the Black Sea, the White Sea, the Sea of Azov, and the Baltic Sea.

The History of Yaroslavl City

During the first two centuries of its existence, Yaroslavl remained a small border town of Rostov-Suzdal land.

In the 12th-13th centuriesYaroslavl became one of the most developed towns in the ancient Russia, a major center of trade and crafts.

In 1218 Yaroslavl became the “capital city” of an independent principality and the first stone buildings appeared in Yaroslavl but none of these structures have survived.

In 1463 Yaroslavl was incorporated into the Moscow principality and for a long time it was under the strong influence of Moscow.

In the 16th and 7th centuries it became a large trade center with highly skilled craftsmen when merchants from as far away as England, Germany and Holland came to buy cloth, leather goods and silverware.

The first professional theatre in Russia was founded in Yaroslavl in the middle of the 18th century by Fyodor Volkov. There is a memorial museum in the home of the Great Russian poet Nekrasov.

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What you will see on the tour

    • On the banks of the River Kotorosl is the Monastery of the Savior founded in the late 12th century and for more than 500 years one of the most formidable fortresses in the region.
      Walls are more than 3m thick). It is well worth a climb to the top of the bell-tower from where the views are outstanding. The monastery is part of a larger preserve, so you'll also have the chance to explore the museum collection, including the 12th-century manuscript, "The Tale of Igor's Campaign."
    • Transfiguration Church in Spassky Monastery is the most ancient monument, built in 1506-1516
    • Church of Elijah the Prophet is a real gem of ancient Russian architecture. The cream colored, multi-domed Church, dating from 1650 is near the central car park. This church is known for its five pale-green onion domes. The chapel has one of the last tent-roots before the Patriarch Nikon imposed a ban on such over-indulgence two years later. It was commissioned by a local family of wealthy merchants, the Skripkins. The wonderfully ornate interior includes some magnificent murals dating from the 1680s.

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    • Church of St. John the Baptist is a masterpiece of Yaroslavl architecture of the 17th century, a monument of world importance.

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    • The Epiphany Church is a splendid example of 17th-century architecture built of red bricks. Here you will see colorful ceramic tiles, magnificent frescoes and a six-tier iconostasis.

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  • The Church of St. John in Korovniki dating back to 1648 noted for its ornate brick window surrounds and glazed tiles.

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