Teriberka Tour to the Coast of the Arctic Ocean

  • duration: 8 hours
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What You Will See on Teriberka Village Tour

Teriberka is a small fishermen village, located at the shore of Arctic Sea, at the mouth of the Teriberka River. The name “Teriberka” means “Tersky coast”, “Ter” – the old name of the Kola Peninsula, according to some versions. It is 20 degrees off the North Pole, so it is almost at the edge of the Earth.

It is located 120 km from Murmansk, this small villagehas just 617 residents and a wide selection of picteresque abandoned houses. During your tour you will see a wooden ships "cemetery", the Arctic ocean coast, frozen rocks, tundra, waterfalls all against the mighty Barents sea.

teriberka arctic sea murmansk

On the way to Teriberka we cross 3 climate zones. The first, in which Murmansk itself is located, is called taiga. Here you can see trees, both coniferous and deciduous. Then begins semi-tundra, or forest-tundra. Trees are getting lower, mostly there are shrubs. And then – tundra.

In 2014 Russian drama movie “Leviathan”, which won a Golden Globe in 2015, was filmed in Teriberka.

This event provoked the new development of the place and people began to learn about the forgotten Teriberka, as it is the only place in the European part of Russia that can be reached by road to see the open Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

Details of the Tour

Teriberka trip lasts for 8 hours and during the tour you will experience and discover:

  • an amazing local nature untouched by the human’s hand which is a rare thing nowadays;
  • sites where the world famous Russian Film “Leviathan” was shot;
  • “The cemetery of Deserted Ships”;
  • the Coast of the Barents Sea as well as a Waterfall far in the rocks where you will be taken by snowmobiles feeling yourself hunters or tribe people face to face with Nature;
  • taste Russian Fish Soup “Uhha” with Russian Main Course in the local restaurant imitating the shelter of hunters;
  • Russian Tundra and will hear a famous Russian romantic song from Soviet Era dedicated to the Russian North.

The History of Teriberka

Teriberka was founded in 16th century. By that time it was a season settlement of fishermen, they lived there only in periods of good fishing. In the beginning of the 20th century, Teriberka had well-developed cod and shark fishing businesses. The downfall began in the 1960s, when the district was transferred to the jurisdiction of the town of Severomorsk.

teriberka waterfall murmansk russia

After shooting “Leviathan” film, there was a kind of boom for the development of a new life in this village. Many residents of Murmansk found that they had never seen the local nature and the Barents Sea. Tourists began to come to the village both from Russia and from around the world. The local amazing nature looks especially good against the background of desperate houses and buildings.

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