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What You Will See on the Rivers and Canals Boat Tour

Neva River Cruise or St Petersburg Canals Boat Tour is worth taking in summer on a sunny day. You will take a relaxing boat trip passing by Moika and Fontanka Canals to observe the Neva River:

The Anichkov Bridge is famous for its sculptures of four bronze horses and their trainers. The widest bridge in St Petersburg is “The Blue Bridge” crosses the Moika Canal near St Isaac’s Square. The Lomonosov Bridge crossing The Fontanka River in St Petersburg is one of the oldest in the city. It is a severe stone drawbridge with four rectangular towers. The Bankovsky Bridge to cross the former Catherina Canal is one of the most attractive.

Boat Neva Tour and St Petersburg Canals

Boat Neva River & Canals Tour lasts 1.5 hour and during this time you will:

  • understand why St Petersburg is often called Northern Venice or Little Holland
  • learn why the city is still safe from numerous floods which used to threaten to St Petersburg
  • see St Petersburg as a mysterious place for all famous writers and poets living and working there and meet their cultural heritage on the River Neva banks
  • catch the spirit of the great city and realize why St Petersburg has never changed in spite of IT progress and global international innovations

Boat Neva Tour and St Petersburg Canals

History of Canals and Neva River in St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg is situated on the Neva River which is the main waterway in the city. As a result of the Northern War between Russia and Sweden the Valley of the Neva River became a part of the Russian Empire. In 1703 the city of St Petersburg was founded in the mouth of the Neva River by Peter the Great.

During Peter’s reign, there were no bridges over the Neva River. The Emperor wanted the people of St Petersburg to share his passion for sailing so riverboats were the common transport. Later there were floating bridges over Neva River. Only in the mid - 19th century they were finally replaced with permanent bridges made of metal. Each of St Petersburg’s bridges has its own distinctive structure and appearance. They can be plain and elegant, large and small, subtle and imposing. Their decorative iron railings coupled with granite embankments give the face of the city a charming look.

There are 332 bridges stretching St Petersburg waterways including 21 drawbridges.

The earliest bridges were known by the bright colors in which they were painted: “blue”, “green”, and “red.

Boat Neva Tour and St Petersburg Canals

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