Tour to the Husky Park - Dog Sledging with Siberian Husky

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When you are at the North of Russia and the first vehicle that comes to your mind is a dog sled. However local people, the Saami, did not initially use dogs as transportation. The Saami prefer deer. Nevertheless, it is known that a deer does not get much pleasure from running along the tundra unlike a dog. Dogs love running and that is why dog sledding is always a drive and a source of adrenaline.

Sled dogs have been used in the Arctic (especially Siberia and Alaska) for at least 9,000 years and were important for transportation in Arctic areas until the introduction of semi-trailer trucks, snowmobiles and airplanes in the 20th century. Sled dog teams delivered mail to rural communities in Alaska and northern Canada.

The Historyof Sled Dogs - Siberian Husky

Dogs of various breeds are used as sled dogs. The most common is husky. But there are also several subspecies. In Russia, these are mainly Siberian huskies. Today, dog sledding is positioned as a sport.

The person who drives the sledge is called musher. He must maintain balance in the turns, slow down with special brakes and make sure that the dogs are not tangled and do not show aggression towards each other along the road.

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Sledge dogs were bred specifically with the approach that the dog should be friendly to any person, even if it sees him for the first time. This was important so that in the conditions of changing the musher, the team continued to work just as previously. This is the secret of husky friendliness.

However, in a team of dogs, relationships are very complex. One or two "leaders" always run ahead, they are the most powerful dogs. However, they do not command other dogs, but rather serve as an example. It can be both males and females.

Females become leaders even more often because they are more human oriented and more attentive to musher teams. Such a dog does not have to be the strongest, but it requires quick wit, psychological balance, the ability to work in a team, make independent decisions, and “feel” the track. A trained sled dog understands at least four basic commands - “forward”, “stop”, “right” and “left”.

Following the leader are guided dogs. They must follow exactly in the direction set by the leader: a mistake or self-will on their part is reflected in the line of movement of the other dogs following them. These should be experienced dogs that do not follow the leader blindly, and if necessary, correct his mistakes, dragging the team in the right direction.

A dog that is harnessed closest to the sledge is called steering. They get tired most of all, therefore the most hardy dogs are put in this place. But growth and muscular strength are not everything they need, such qualities of character as a desire to work and a cheerful mood, courage are necessary. A dog accustomed to work as a steering will never become a leader. It will not like the place in the head of the team and will try to step back.

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What You Will Experience on the Tour to the Husky Park

  • Arrival to Husky Park and getting winter Saami clothes
  • Meeting with reindeer: you will feed them from your hands, take photos and listen to a story about these northern animals
  • Having Husky sledging. Dogs run very fast and the professional instructor will drive the sledges on his own.
  • Having lunch in a comfortable wooden house of Husky Park and tasting real northern meal
  • Get acquainted with the place where the Husky Dogs live where you will have some free time to play with dogs and take photos.
  • Visiting a souvenir shop in Husky Park.
  • The program will be extended with beautiful views of the northern forest and frozen lake.

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