Hunting Northern Lights Tour

  • Price: 55 €
  • Duration: 3 hours

We invite you to do with us a fabulous private Winter Tour - Hunting Northern Lights- Aurora Borealis!

A phenomenon of the Northern Lights attracts people with its marvelous beauty and mysterious meaning. There is a belief that a person who has seen the Northern Lights will live happily ever after for the rest of their life.

Hunting Northern Lights Tour

There is a place in Russia, on the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk, which is in the North of the Arctic Circle where you can experience Aurora Borealis and believe us it is the cheapest place in the world for this event.

The place is known for its incredible biodiversity with its endless forests and tundra, crystal clear lakes and fast-flowing rivers.

The Kola Peninsula is close to the border between Finland and Norway. You can easily get there from St Petersburg or Moscow by plane for 2 hours. The best season for Hunting Northern Lights is from December to February.

Aurora Borealis is best seen in winter – nights are getting much darker, and a wonderful glow becomes more noticeable. The Northern Lights occur at an altitude of 90 km from the surface of the Earth, much higher than the clouds.

To experience this event we need to catch periods of the highest solar activity. The sky should be clear. The color of the Northern Lights depends on the altitude and the gases of the Earth. They can be green, red, purple or blue.

There is more oxygen at the lower levels of the atmosphere that is why Aurora Borealis has green color. Purple, pink and other colors appear higher where there is less oxygen.

Once you find the Northern Light you have freedom to do whatever you want to enjoy it, some people believe it is a very strong symbol of getting good luck or changing your personality for the better.

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