Fountains of Peterhof Parks in St Petersburg

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Those who are fond of travelling and have been to many places there is one more unsolved mystery – Russia. It is worth visiting St Petersburg and see Peterhof Fountains in the Lower and Upper Parks as well as Peterhof Grand Palace.

Travel to St Petersburg will bring you back to 18-19 centuries as the city itself keeps old architectural traditions.

One of the most outstanding St Petersburg Tours is Peterhof Guided Tour. It is an excursion to the former Tsars’ residence located outside of the city and very famous among tourist for its Fontains.

St Petersburg Peterhof Tour lasts 6 hours and includes:

Peterhof is a world known ensemble of parks and palaces. The reason to build it was Peter the Great wish to create such a royal country house which will compete by its luxury with Versailles. By the middle of XVIII century here were placed the Upper Garden and Lower Park, the Great Palace and some smaller palaces and pavilions were built. Also the biggest in the world system of waterworks was created here. Seaside residence of Emperor Peter fascinated Europe no less than the new capital - St Petersburg.

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Dark and Bright Days of Peterhof

During the reign of the young Peter II Peterhof and Petersburg sank into oblivion. Revival of palaces and parks of Peterhof began with coming to power Anna Ioannovna seeking to portray herself as worthy heir of Peter the Great.

The golden age of ensemble is concerned with Nicholas I. While his reign in Peterhof appeared two new parks: Romantic Alexandria with Cottage Palace, Lower Villaand Capella; Colonistsky Park with two new islands where Zarizyn and Olgyn pavilions were placed. Today the parts of Peterhof are Oranienbaum ensemble and the Strelna Palace of Peter I.

Ensembles of Peterhof were captured by German forces from 20 September 1941 to 19 January 1944. Art treasures were plundered or destroyed, in all the parks felled trees, the Grand Palace was blown up and burned. Statue of Samson, Magus, Neva and many others were taken. Peterhof Parks were reconstructed in the early postwar years. In September 14, 1947 the statue of "Samson tearing the lion's mouth" was installed to its place.

Visit to St Petersburg, Russia will give you a unique chance to capture Peterhof beauty from its sources.

Peterhof united 21 museums. Along with the traditional ones, such as Catherine pavilion, Marley, Hermitage, you can visit the unexpected places, such as the Museum of Imperial bikes, Museum of Playing Cards or Museum of collectors.

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