State Hermitage Museum Tour - St Petersburg, Russia

  • Price of tour: 30 €
  • Duration of tour: 3 hours
  • Tour Guide and Entrance Fee are included

Winter Palace and Hermitage Private Guided Tour

We offer to book Hermitage Museum Tour in St Petersburg, Russia and enjoy your time in St Petersburg with your private tour guide. During your Guided Tour to the State Hermitage Museum you will meet one of the most glorious Palaces of St Petersburg - the Winter Palace and the Hermitage Art museum which is a part of the Palace.

Built in the middle of the 18th century the Winter Palace is still shining in its grandeur and brilliance. Walking through State Rooms of the Hermitage Museum You will touch the spirit of Russia of 18-19th centuries and enjoy the Former Royal Residence of Russian Tsars.

Apart from that you will enjoy numerous collections of Art of different schools such as Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, French and English.

You will see unique original masterpieces of Leonardo De Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian, Rafael, Velasquez, Ribera, Tintoretto, Rubens and Rembrandt.

Hermitage Museum Guided Tour - Winter Palace

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