Things to do in St Petersburg

The Field of Mars is the square in the center of St Petersburg. At the beginning of the XVIII century there was a vacant territory to the west from the Summer Garden and it was called "The Amusing Field" (Poteshnoye Pole) or "The Big Meadow" (Bolshoy Meadow) and later "The Queen's Meadow" (Tsaritsyn Meadow). 

The Rostral Columns are the architectural constructions in the center of St Petersburg, on the Spit (“the Strelka”) of Vasilevsky Island. In the XIX century they carried out the function of the port beacons of the northern capital.

Marble Palace is the most expensive in St Petersburg. Catherine II built it as a parting gift to her lover Count Grigory Orlov, who organized the coup and her accession to the throne.

The history of GAZ-M20 "Pobeda" (translation "Victory") started in 1943, when the leader of the USSR Stalin decided to create practical, speedy and modern car, which would satisfy all needs of Soviet people. That car was developed at the biggest automobile plant of the USSR in that time – GAZ ("Gorkovsky Automobile Plant").

Pobeda (Victory) was the ideal car for middle class with unique qualities – aerodynamic body and powerful six-cylinder engine.

All countries have their own traditions and customs and Russia, St Petersburg is not the exception. Here I would like to speak about the way Russian Women Marry Men. Summer in St Petersburg especially St Petersburg White Nights season is the best time to get married, make a big celebration or even to travel to St Petersburg on a Wedding Tour.

Aurora is the cruiser of the 1st rank of the Baltic Fleet. Named in honor of sailing frigate "Aurora", famous for the defense of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, during the Crimean War. During the Russian-Japanese War, participated in the campaign of the Second Pacific Squadron which ended with the Battle of Tsushima. Cruiser also participated in the First World War.

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