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St Petersburg Panoramic Guided Tour by car is one of the most poplular and relaxing ones in St Petersburg, Russia.

The city of St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful places in Russia located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is the former capital of the Russian Empire and the embodiment of the pride and glory of Russia.

What You Will See on St Petersburg City Tour

kazan cathedral

History of St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg is the former capital of the Russian Empire and the embodiment of the pride and glory of Russia was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. St Petersburg became the symbol of a new era of Russian history and grandiose ventures.
There are 42 islands in St Petersburg and 342 bridges, 21 bridges are drawbridges. St Petersburg is called a cultural capital of Russia as the city is full of museums, theatre and palaces.

Many thousands of human lives were lost during the construction and it is perhaps because of this that the history of Petersburg is so full of dark and tragic events. During three hundred years of its existence the city has survived many historical and natural disasters.

In times of war, severe forces have tried to capture the city but all in vain. Even the most terrifying siege of Leningrad in the history of mankind, lasting 872 days was unable to break the spirit of the city’s residents.

St Petersburg was a daring feat of Peter the Great as these lands were taken back from Sweden in a course of the Northern War and it opened a “Window to Europa” for Russia became a European city as much architecture was borrowed by peter the Great from Europe and many European architects were invited to create the face of St Petersburg.

The memory of the founder of the city is perpetuated in the so-called Bronze Horseman, a monument dedicated to Peter the Great which is located on Senate Square.

bronze horseman

St Petersburg City Tour lasts 3 hours and during this time you will:

  • understand why St Petersburg is often called the Venice of the North
  • see the single monument to Catherine the Great in the city surrounded by her lovers
  • pass by near the palace where famous Russian meal called beef-stroganov was born and learn its story
  • have a chance to make a wish at the spot where all Russians try to catch a good luck and whisper their secret wishes to the ears of bronze griffins and see the palace where the soul of the murdered Russian tsar is still searching for the justice


St Petersburg Guided City Tour by Car

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