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White Nights is something special about St Petersburg. St Petersburg sightseeing guided tours become famous among tourists in this fascinating time. Cruise ship passengers are eager to book St Petersburg shore excursions as in summer the city is like a pearl shining on the Neva River and attracting people all over the world to discover itself.

St Petersburg White Nights usually last from 11th of June to 2nd of July. It has become a symbol of St Petersburg and the city has plenty of festivals, concerts and fireworks.

Thanks to St Petersburg northerly geographical location there is a certain time when the sun does not go under the horizon too deep for the sky to get dark. Tours in St Petersburg in summer during White Nights is full of delight, romantics and cultural points. Can you imagine St Petersburg at night surrounded with 300 bridges and 20 ones are swing ones?

Newly-Weds on a Honeymoon Trip in St Petersburg

It is great time for newly-weds and for high School graduates. White Nights Tour gives you a chance to feel that romantic atmosphere and plunge into the oldest architectural ensembles of St Petersburg which are about 200 years and they are still magnificent.

Learn who protects the city at night and some mystical things about St Petersburg. Winged griffins, lions, sphinxes and magnificent huge monuments will meet you here and share their secrets.

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Things To Do in St Petersburg

  • Stay up during White Nights not to miss the spirit of the city in this time!
  • Watch loving couples walking along the River Neva and see the reflection of the White Night sky in its transparent water!
  • If you are seeking for a little romance go to pubs and night clubs to join a merry noisy company!
  • Meet local Russian people and get puzzled to find the clue to a mysterious Russian soul.
  • Make sure you will watch the bridges open during your St Petersburg tour. It is one of the traditions of the White Nights to watch big heavy Neva bridges lraising for ships going through.

Things to Experience in St Petersburg

The most exciting holiday among school graduates “The Scarlet Sails” takes place also during St Petersburg White Nights. Over a million people come to the city center tonight. The tradition is famous for its spectacular fireworks and a huge water show including fighting between boats full of pirates on the Neva River. The very touching moment of the show is the appearance of a massive ship with scarlet sails.

Scarlet Sails show symbolizes the end of school those who are willing to enter a new life of grown-ups full of new experience, both failures and achievements.

White Nights have become a symbol of Mariinsky Theatre where one can enjoy Russian ballet during White Nights Festival.

St Petersburg White Nights Tour

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