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What You Will See on Hermitage Tour - Winter Palace

The Hermitage is a unique museum, the pride of Russia and her Northern Capital - St Petersburg.

  • The museum houses more than three and a half million exhibits of art and culture. In the Hermitage museum the entire history of culture and art of the people of Europe and the East from the most ancient times until the 20th century appears before visitors.
  • From a private palatial museum the Hermitage by the mid-nineteenth was transformed into the most outstanding European museum of world art.
  • You will go through State Rooms such as Armorial Room, Grand Throne Room, The Pavilion Hall, Gallery of 1812 and so on.
  • Interiors of the Palace will strike you with its luxurious style and numerous elements such as marble, precious stones, gold, silver, different sorts of mosaics, crystals and rubies.
  • The masterpieces of great masters such as Leonardo De Vince, Raphael, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rubens and Velasquez will give you impressions of touching Art and Culture.

Hermitage Museum Guided Tour - Winter Palace

The History of the Hermitage Museum

The Winter Palace in St Petersburg which is a part of the Hermitage museum will open its doors for you to observe State Rooms and Private Rooms of Russian Monarchs. The Winter Palace was built for Peter the Great daughter - Elizabeth I in the 18th century in the Baroque Style. Its southern façade adorned with wide cast iron gates and mighty columns and sculptures over the cornice faces Palace Square. The Northern façade with its snow white columns stretches along the Neva River.

The Hermitage is a former Royal Winter Residence of Russian Emperors and Empresses. The Museum consists of the following buildings: the famous Winter Palace, The Small, Old and New Hermitages, the Hermitage Theatre, eastern wing of the General Staff building with its magnificent Triumphal Arch through which one can get onto Palace Square.

The Hermitage Museum was founded by Empress Catherina the Great in 1764. She made it her goal to establish her own palace gallery which would possess collections no less famous than those of European monarchs.

atlanti Hermitage Museum Guided Tour - Winter Palace

Tour to Hermitage Museum lasts about 3 hours and during this time you will:

  • learn how many years it takes you to see all the exhibits of the museum
  • see which present from one of her 13 lovers Catherine the Second loved most of all
  • know which painting of Rembrandt the general manager of the Hermitage museum will never let to any exhibition abroad
  • see the room where the revolutionaries arrested the Provisional Government in 1917
  • laugh at the most favorite painting of Napoleon Bonaparte

Hermitage Museum Guided Tour Winter Palace

Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum Private Guided Tour

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