The Northern Lights experience in the North of Russia – Murmansk City

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To see the Northern Light people usually travel to such places like Canada, Iceland or Finland which is rather expensive and sometimes far way.

But there is a place in Russia, on the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk City, which is in the North of the Arctic Circle where you can experience Aurora Borealis and I belшуму it is the cheapest place in the world for this event.

The Kola Peninsula is close to the border between Finland and Norway. Murmansk is a small port city in the northwestern area of Russia and one of the budget places to explore the Northern Lights.

Murmansk is known for its incredible biodiversity with its endless forests and tundra, crystal clear lakes and fast-flowing rivers. An important Russian naval base, Murmansk serves as a port for the Arctic convoys during WWII.

You can easily get Murmansk from St Petersburg or Moscow by plane. It is about 2 hours.

When and how to get Murmansk for the Northern Lights

You can easily get Murmansk from St Petersburg or Moscow by plane. It is about 2 hours.

The best season is from December to February.

Things to prepare before experiencing the Northern Lights.

Camera gears, booking tours, warm clothes. Winter in Russia especially in the Arctic Circles is severe and can be extremely cold. While northern lights hunting you will be out in the cold for hours taking photos so prepare to protect your body with something warm and your hands with mittens or gloves. Once you find the northern light you have freedom to do whatever you want to enjoy it, some people believe it is a very strong symbol of getting good luck or changing your personality for the better.

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Our tours are personalized in order for you to maximize your experience in Russia, if you are lucky to witness this natural wonder you will bring home amazing impressions as well as videos and photos.

If you do not happen to experience Northern lights during your stay in Murmansk you would still enjoy a rich culture of the North of Russia, exploring people and nature of the Kola Peninsula going husky dog-sledding, exploring the shores of Barents Sea on a tour to the Teriberka village, travelling to Saami settlement meeting Saami people with its culture.

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