Russian Wedding in the Romantic St Petersburg

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All countries have their own traditions and customs and Russia, St Petersburg is not the exception. Here I would like to speak about the way Russian Women Marry Men. Summer in St Petersburg especially St Petersburg White Nights season is the best time to get married, make a big celebration or even to travel to St Petersburg on a Wedding Tour.

On the Wedding Day...

The hair is done, the rings are in the pocket, the limousine is at the door and numerous relatives and friends are already at the entrance of the wedding palace. It is time to go and get in the limousine, drink Champagne on the way to the Marriage Registration Palace, saying “yes” to each other after the official lady reads all the trivial words in front of all the guests and photographers, putting a signature in a book of marriages, wearing a ring to each other on the right hand.

Imagine the Marriage Registration Palace under the rains of coins thrown by numerous guests and relatives, getting in the limousine and going for a ride to the landmarks of St Petersburg drinking Champagne, being followed by the bus with numerous relatives and guests, putting flowers to the founder of St Petersburg - Peter the Great and hanging a lock to the bridge in front of the Cathedral of our Savior on the Spilled Blood, entering the restaurant, eating, dancing, laughing, kissing, getting drunk and tired and then….deep and long dream.

Russian Wedding in St Petersburg

An important detail on a Russain Wedding....

 Every time numerous guests and relatives want to make the couple kiss, they start shouting the word ”Gorko”. It means "bitter" in English and it sounds in imperative way. Why? They believe that with the kiss "bitter" becomes "sweet". And that is true. Even doctors say that kisses are very good for health.

There are 2 ways of getting married in Russia: Civil Marraiges and Church Weddings:

Russian marriage is considered legitimate if it is registered by the state, not by the church. Some people prefer to marry at the face of God, but their marriages would not count without official registration. So they need to marry twice, sometimes on the same day or some years after.

In St Petersburg most couples prefer Marriage Palaces, located in former palaces of Russian aristocrats, among amazing interiors with marble staircases and crystal chandeliers.

So the date is chosen, the time as well. Next the most difficult part in all the wedding process starts - preparations.

There are a bride gown, the restaurant, the list of guests and a honeymoon trip, if a couple still has money and energy after the whole wedding adventure. Oh, I forgot to mention a professional photographer called "tamada". Who is this mysterious person?

It is the one who is in charge of acquainting all the relatives and friends at the wedding party, to make toasts, to arrange dances, to make jokes, in other words to conduct the party, to make the order out of the chaos, a person who is probably the most welcome and the most contradictory person at the wedding party, the person who can make the wedding party a disaster or the best day.

Russian Wedding in St Petersburg

After the official ceremony, couples make a short journey around St. Petersburg city. There are hundreds of limousines parked at most attractive places of St. Petersburg. Bride and Groom are taken photos of with their close friends and relatives at the most popular monuments, squares, palaces, embankments of St Petersburg.

A Wedding Party starts...

Certainly there are some unique couples who jump into the airplane right after the registration and escape it, but most couples  have a wedding party which is mostly a party for the relatives, numerous friends and colleagues. It can be at home, at a restaurant or on a ship.

Nowadays it is popular to book a hotel for the wedding day and spend your first wedding night there. There are numerous hotels in St Petersburg offering rooms with Champagne and rose petals spread around the bed where couples can spend the first night of their married life.

All girls dream of getting married. Well, dreams are only dreams….

But there are certain people who can dream in such a strong way that all their dreams are certainly to come true. For those who are interested in tours to St Petersburg, Russia.

St Petersburg Honeymoon Guided Tour, Russia

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