Catherine Palace Private Tour, Amber Room

  • Price: 55 €
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Guide, entrance museum fee and comfortable minibus are included

Catherina Palace Private Guided Tour, Amber Room

During your Catherina Palace guided tour You will travel to one of the former summer residences of 18th century of the Royal Family in St Petersburg - the Catherine Palace named in honor of the beloved wife of Peter the Great - the founder of St Petersburg – Catherina I.

The palace is situated in Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin) 30 km out of the St Petersburg among beautiful parks.

You will visit State Rooms of the Catherina Palace, see the achitectural masterpieces of such famous creators as Rastrelly, Cameron, Rinaldy and Quarenghi. You will feel Rastrelly's outstanding Baroque style and enjoy one of the gem of the Catherina Palace - Amber Room.

Apart from the palace You will visit Catherine Park which is huge and strikes each person with its size and grandeur.

Catherina Palace and Park Tour

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