Husky Farm Winter Tour

  • Price: 85 €
  • Duration: 4 hours

Travelling to the North of Russia to experience the beauty of the Russian Winter and different activities will give you incredible impressions and make your trip unforgettable.

We invite you to take apart in the exciting winter adventure in the Siberian Husky Farm “Ulybka Alyaski”, located in Murmansk, on Kola Peninsula, North of Russia.

During the tour you will learn more about Siberian Husky and have a unique chance to interplay with these charming and affectionate dogs. You will get acquainted with North nature and enjoy an exciting trip through the winter forest on a sled pulled by Husky dogs.

Husky Farm Winter Tour

A dog sled is a traditional kind of transport of the northern people. Husky are very strong dogs, they can adjust to almost any type of weather conditions. They are very smart, clever and gentle.

After your exiting journey you will be treated with delicious Russian pies and a hot tea listening to stories about the polar nature and different traditions of Northern people.

Siberian Husky Dogs history is inseparably linked with long polar days, covering North with endless snow blanket and a strong friendship with a human.

Who else can understand you better and be your best helper in the North?! It is a pleasure to be loved by such friendly dogs.

Huskies are fond of sledge pulling. These dogs are not just doing a job but they enjoy this activity with you running over the snow bringing into your life this unforgettable experience.

You will see the place, where huskies live and have free time to play with dogs and take photos.

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