St. Basil Cathedral Tour, Moscow

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  • Duration: 1 hours

We invite you to take a walk along Moscow Red Square to enjoy St Basil the Blessed Cathedral which is one of the highlights of Moscow. This is the best-known church in Moscow located on the Red Square next to the Kremlin. Its history goes back to the time when Ivan the Terrible was the supreme ruler of Russia.

During your guided private tour you will enjoy architectural forms of the ancient Moscow.

St Basil Cathedral Blessed Moscow Tour

Its official name is the Cathedral of the Intercession, but it is world- known as St Basil’s Cathedral. It was designed by Russian masters and was built of brick in traditional Russian style.

The walls and vaults of the Cathedral are covered with frescoes and oil paintings with plant ornament and images of saints.

The nine towers of the cathedral are crowned with multi-colored onion domes, the entire shape of the structure looks like a flame of a bonfire rising into the sky, a design that has no parallel in the Russian architecture.

Today St Basil Cathedral is a home of 400 icons painted between the 14th and 19th centuries by the famous schools of Novgorod and Moscow.

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