Moscow Kremlin Tour 40 €

  • Price: 40 €
  • Duration: 2 hours

The Moscow Kremlin is the heart of Russia. It is one of the world-known attractions among tourists and a great medieval monument of Russian and world architecture.

You guide will tell you the history of the Kremlin and take you inside to observe numerous towers and gates, churches and cathedrals, palaces and the magnificent treasure house of the Armory Chamber.

walls of the kremlin moscow tour

Inside the Kremlin you will enjoy unique monuments of the 15th-16th centuries such as Assumption Cathedral or Cathedral of the Dormition where Russian Tsars were crowned, Cathedral of the Annunciation, Church of the Deposition of the Robe and Cathedral of the Archangel Michael.

You will be impressed by Ivan the Great Bell tower and the Patriarch’s Chambers as well the Tsar Cannon, a rare monument of the 16th century.

You will take a walk on the main square of the Kremlin - Sobornaya Square or Cathedral Square built in the 18th century and see the former Senate building which nowadays is the residence of the Russia Government.

Our guides will make your journey as exciting as possible to share with you historical aspects of Russians as well as our local lifestyle with Russian traditions and mentality.

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