The State Russian Museum in St Petersburg - Mikhailovsky Palace

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The State Russian Museum is not only one of the main attractions of St Petersburg, Russia, but is also considered to be Russia's largest collection of Russian Art.

The museum was established by royal decree in 1895, the grand opening was held three years later in the reconstructed Mikhailovsky Palace, the architectural ensemble of the square orchestrating Arts (conceived as the architect Carlo Rossi, who built the Palace in the 1819-1825 period). Prior to 1917, the museum was officially called the Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander III.

In the collections of the State Russian Museum are stored the collections of Russian and Soviet Art, perhaps, Russia's largest collection of sculpture, one of the best collections of drawings and prints by Russian and Soviet artists, a very interesting collection of works relating to the arts and crafts and folk art.

Nowadays the Russian Museum is located in a complex of buildings, the main of which are former Mikhailovsky Palace and closely arranged housing, built by Carlo Rossi. Here is a collection of Russian art created before 1917.

In the early 30-ies of the last century Russian museum was transferred to the so-called Benois, who at the Griboyedov Canal Embankment project 1910-1912 years, performance of LN Benoit, erected in 1914-1919 by architect Ovsyannikov. Initially it was assumed that in the Benois Wing there will be exhibitions of various art associations and unions.

russian museum

Today, the second floor of this building is occupied by a collection of works of art belonging to the second half of XIX - beginning of the twentieth century, on the ground are works of Soviet Art.

Mikhailovsky Palace turned into the Russian Museum in accordance with the royal decree, signed April 13, 1895.

Previously for the construction of a special building where it could stay in a museum of Russian Art at the Academy of Arts, was prepared by a separate project, made up the majority of the drawings, estimates determined. Redevelop of the premises earlier in the Mikhailovsky Palace to the needs of museum exhibitions, as well as design, device and installation of glass ceilings, it was decided to entrust the architect Vasily Svin'in.

For the first time under the Russian Museum was meant only the central part of the palace, and, for example, in the left wing (housing Rossi) intended to accommodate the museum staff apartments and offices.

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