Catherine Palace and Peterhof Tour in St Petersburg

  • Price: 155 €
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Guide, entrance museum fee and comfortable minibus are included

If you want to do more things in St Petersburg and pay less – it is a good idea to combine Peterhof Parks Tour with Catherine Palace Tour in St Petersburg, Russia.

In one day you will travel to the most remarkable places in St. Petersburg – two Summer Palaces – former Royal Family residences at the suburbs of St Petersburg, Russia.

peterhof tour

Peterhof Park and Peterhof Palace will strike you with its size and grandeur. This residence was a favorite one of Peter the Great – the founder of St Petersburg.

It is a sea symphony of St Petersburg as Peterhof is located on the Baltic Sea coast surrounded by magnificent gardens, parks and palaces hidden in the woods. More than 150 fountains of different shape and size will meet you and plunge you into the atmosphere of 18-19 century of the Russian Empire.

Travelling to the south of St Petersburg will lead you to the other gem of St Petersburg – Catherine Palace with Amber Room which was given to the beloved wife of Peter the Great – Catherina I.

catherine palace

Catherine Palace is an immortal creation of the Italian Architect – Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli although there were many other architect who contributed into the ensemble.

You will enjoy the Golden Enfilade of State Rooms: Great Hall, Dining Rooms, Picture Halls, Drawing rooms, private quarters of Russian Monarchs as well a gem of the Catherine Palace – its world known Amber Room.

The Great Hall will strike you by its size, greatness and majesty. Apart from the Palace you will take a walk in the huge Catherine Park laid in a French style. The unique ensemble of monuments, which includes the Chesma Column, the Cameron Gallery, and the Great pond, the Hermitage Pavilion, Grotto Pavilion and Bathes will give you new impressions.

Peterhof Palace and Parks Tour

Peterhof Palace Tour

Catherina Palace and Park Tour

Catherine Palace Private Guided Tour, Amber Room

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