New Year Holiday in Russia - Christmas in St Petersburg

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No one likes New Year's Eve like Russian people do - it's the most exciting public holiday of the year with spectacular New Year outdoors parties in St Petersburg and Moscow, public events, fireworks, festivals, gifts, champagne toasts and Christmas vacations when most people don’t work for about 10 days enjoying winter, rest and parties.

On December, 31 each family cooks many delicious specialties: salads (in Russian: “Mimosa”, “Olivye”, “Herring under a Fur Coat”), smoked salmon and sturgeon, red caviar, vodka, champagne, fruit and sweets. Russian New Year Holiday tastes like tangerines which are eaten in a huge number during this time.

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St Petersburg Christmas holidays in Russia last from January 1st till January 10th. The New Year party starts with “saying Good Bye to the old year” and remembering all positive things that the old year has brought into people’s lives.

At midnight The Kremlin Tower clock strikes 12 times and the merry New Year celebration starts and lasts all night long. A lot of people after midnight go out on the beautifully illuminated embankments and bridges to continue the party there with singings, dancing and enjoying colorful fireworks.

Christmas takes place in Russia on January 7 according to Orthodox Calendar. It is a religious holiday with liturgies that last all night in all Orthodox cathedrals and churches in the city.

Some Russians also celebrate a weird holiday called “Old New Year”, which is in fact the Orthodox New Year celebrated according to the old Julian calendar on the night January 13/14.

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Schoolchildren have vacations from December 28 until January 10. This is the time of many public festivals called "Yolka" (New Year Christmas Tree). There are concerts, shows, competitions around the New Year Tree with Farther The Frost, Snow Maiden and other persons from Russian fairy tales.

If you want to feel yourself Russian book holidays in St Petersburg. The city is amazing both in winter and in summer.

Summer holidays in St Petersburg give your more opportunities to enjoy life in St Petersburg but hotels prices are higher and the city is full of tourists whereas winter season promises you St Petersburg hotels for low prices as well as sightseeing, tour guide, St Petersburg excursions and even meals in restaurants.

Get a new experience in frosty, snowy Russian winter with deep snowdrifts in the suburbs and channels, covered with ice under a thick blanket of snow. Taste the Old Russian tradition to ride horse-drawn sledges.

Restaurants, cafes and night clubs have special New Year parties and shows with live music, lots of singing and dancing. On these dates it is also a delight to see the magic Russian ballet "The Nutcracker" in St Petersburg theatres.

Streets of St Petersburg are decorated with festive lights, garlands and New Year toys. In all the squares and in every flat one can find beautiful natural Christmas Trees, filled with ornaments, toys and colored lights.

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In some St. Petersburg squares and streets one can see beautiful ice sculptures created by professional designers. You can come across Christmas markets and outdoors stores serving hot blini (Russian pancakes).

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