Weird Attractions in St Petersburg - Russia

There are some places in Russia in St Petersburg which keep inimitable atmosphere and raise up many riddles and sensations.

Griffin’s Tower picture

Mysterious Griffin’s Tower on the Basil Island is located next to the former Pharmacy of Pell and his sons.

The Tower is 11 meter, diameter is 2 meters and it has neither windows nor doors. Professor Pell used to be fond of alchemy and spent much time in the Tower trying to make a formula of happiness. The legend says: “His efforts were not useless as the formula was found but to keep that knowledge Professor had to create winged griffins.

Nobody has ever seen those griffins but some people believe they fly over the city at night protecting St Petersburg”.

The tower is made of bricks which are all numbered. The most mysterious thing is that figures on the bricks are constantly changing. They may appear and disappear without any reason. They say that at the certain time those figures are set up at the very combination of happiness code what professor Pell had discovered.

And if one can be in front of the Griffin’s Tower at that very moment he will guess that very formula of happiness. The old legend says also that place near the Pharmacy and the tower has magic power and for those people who live and work nearby have a certain chance to change their lives for the better.

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