Cool Things to Do in St Petersburg - Russia

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St Petersburg is not only the window to Europe but also the window to the other world.

One of these places where one can try to penetrate the other world is called Rotunda. That is a house on Gorohovaya Street with a street door where there is a round staircase surrounded with 6 columns.

The spiral wrought iron staircase goes up surrounded with massive columns. The house was built in the 19th century. The legend says it had been built for the Order of Masons’ meetings.

Entering Rotunda you will read on the walls: “You are welcome to Rotunda” and the same time on the ceiling you will find the other words: “Forget your hope entering that place”.

The same contradictive gossips are popular about magic power of St Petersburg Rotunda. One said: “You may write any wish on the walls which soon comes true” and the other said: “Be careful lifting up as at the end there is a secret door behind that you may lose yourself forever and never return“!

In different time Rotunda was a popular place among rock singers and fringe groups.

Nowadays that place is famous among tourists if they want to meet the other St Petersburg neither dressed up nor splendid with its architectural ensembles but nevertheless attractive with its mysterious symbols.

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