Legendary Soviet Classic Car Pobeda - Back to USSR

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The history of GAZ-M20 "Pobeda" (translation "Victory") started in 1943, when the leader of the USSR Stalin decided to create practical, speedy and modern car, which would satisfy all needs of Soviet people. That car was developed at the biggest automobile plant of the USSR in that time – GAZ ("Gorkovsky Automobile Plant").

Pobeda (Victory) was the ideal car for middle class with unique qualities – aerodynamic body and powerful six-cylinder engine.

Back to USSR....Stalin's Era

The first car was demonstrated to Stalin in 1945 with a name "Rodina" (translation "Wotherland"). When Stalin learned the name of the car he asked the engineers: “How much is your "Rodina"? Certainly he didn’t get any answer. In the Soviet Union during Stalin Regime asking questions like that was a terrible crime and could cause to exile, hard labor or even death penalty.

Later it was taken a decision to name the car - "Pobeda" and it was made an economical four-cylinder engine for it. After that Stalin confirmed the new car for production. He had no idea that "Pobeda" would be real Victory of the USSR in all points.

The Car demonstrated a Capacity of the Soviet Union to create modern product in best traditions of science and technology after the Second World War when most things were destroyed and Russia survived miserable time trying to restore everything that was devastated during those terrible 5 years of the Secon World War.

"Pobeda" became a symbol of Russian courage and high ambitions. The car demonstrated the Industrial Power of the USSR and everybody was proud of it.

What was the Secret of the Legendary "Pobeda" Car?

  • It was the first car after II World War with a pontoon body. The car brought a new brand from archaic prewar cars to modern and comfortable soviet sedans.
  • "Pobeda" Car served both as ambulance and taxi.
  • Comfortable cars had in 1956 radio and cigarette lighter, light and heating.

Pobeda (Victory) matches Petersburg sightseeing well even nowadays if you prefer to make a journey around St Petersburg and remember the USSR time.

romantic journey by soviet car

You certainly have a chance to take that adventurous guided tour on the real car "Pobeda" (1956) which is over 50 years old but still works as a young horse and looks nice. Let yourself plunge into the USSR Petersburg and Feel Yourself Russian. Book your trip!

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