Cruiser Aurora in St Petersburg - The Symbol of Russian Revolution 1917

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Aurora is the cruiser of the 1st rank of the Baltic Fleet. Named in honor of sailing frigate "Aurora", famous for the defense of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, during the Crimean War. During the Russian-Japanese War, participated in the campaign of the Second Pacific Squadron which ended with the Battle of Tsushima. Cruiser also participated in the First World War.

Blank shot with "Aurora" was the signal for the storming of the Winter Palace, the cruiser became a symbol of the October Revolution.

Currently is located for the eternal parking at Petrograd quay in St Petersburg and is an object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

At 11:15 May 11, 1900 in the presence of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Maria Feodorovna and Alexandra Feodorovna, who watched the ceremony from the Imperial Pavilion, took place the solemn descent of "Aurora" on the water.

Under the shots of ships standing on the Neva River artillery salute cruiser safely descended to the water, "without inflection and leaks," as reported K. Tokarevskiy later. "As the ship going out of the boathouse, its flags were raised, and there was the standard of His Majesty on the mainmast." There was a 78-year-old sailor on the upper deck of the ship as a part the guard of honor, who served on the frigate "Aurora", during the descent ".

In addition, the descent attended a former officer the famed frigate, and then Vice-Admiral Pilkin. The next day the new cruiser was towed to the wall of the Franco-Russian factory for the installation of the main machines. Displacement of the ship at the moment of descent was 6731 tons.

aurora cruiser

At the beginning of 1902 "Aurora" was set anchor system of Hall, which made cruiser the first ship of national buildings in the fleet, equipped with this novelty. By May, the ship was completely ready. July 28 "Aurora" came out for its first voyage, going for Kronstadt. There was new commanding officer Captain of the 1st rank Sukhotin, factory specialists and half of the team aboard.

During the transition, the cruiser steering went out of action for a short time, due to this ship touched the edge of the channel, and insignificantly damaged the right screw. In 13 hours 30 minutes "Aurora" arrived to Kronstadt. The next ten days gone for the preparation of the ship for testing. By the end of the 1970s "Aurora's" body came to the emergency condition.

Interdepartmental Commission, convened by Navy Commander on fall of 1980, after six months' work gave the conclusion of the technical condition of the hull and suggested three ways of flotation of the cruiser. After two years of research all three options were rejected: it was decided to hold the refurbishment with replacement of damaged elements of hull structures.

By August 1987 "restoration" of "Aurora", which cost about 35 million rubles, was over. You may enjoy Aurora sights during sightseeing city tour in St Petersburg or rent a car with a driver in Petersburg as well as your private guide in St Petersburg to make your stay fulfilled.

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