Visa Free Shore Tours in St.Petersburg for cruise passengers

If you are travelling on a cruise around Europe or somewhere else and have a stay in St.Petersburg, Russia you are very lucky especially if your voyage takes place in June as Petersburg is famous for its White Nights season every summer in June. Suppose you have no Russian visa in your passport but you are anxious to go ashore and enjoy Petersburg sightseeing.

There is a chance to come ashore without Russian visa in your passport. All you need – is to find any Tourist agency in St.Petersburg like ours and book your shore tour or shore excursions with their help. Being a licensed Tour operator they will organize your shore tour and write out for you a tour voucher (it can be also called tour - ticket). That document allows cruise line passengers to go ashore on a guided tours around St.Petersburg while their ship is staying in the Marine Port of Petersburg. That document costs nothing for you if you book shore excursions from the tourist agency in Petersburg and gives you the unique chance to combine cruise voyage with a possibility to feel free when your ship makes a stop, traveling around the city. Tour-ticket or tour voucher is to be sent to you by email or fax and when you pass through the customs in Petersburg marine port you are supposed to produce it to the customs officers.

Most cruises travelling around Europe make a stop in Russia in the very Marine city and a beautiful one - Saint-Petersburg. The city built in the Finish Gulf by Peter the Great who was fond of navigation and did his best to make Petersburg strong marine Russian Empire.
The biggest Marine port is located in the oldest place of Petersburg- Vasily Island.

Vasily island is a unique one as it is located on the island and surrounded by water. Local people have to cross bridges to get to other districts of Petersburg. Nevertheless Vasiliy Island belongs to 4 central districts of the city. Being the oldest place in Petersburg Vasily Island keeps most ancient architectural ensembles and many historical buildings which were founded during Peter the Great time.

Peter the Great was planning to build Vasily Island like Amsterdam city. It is not a secret that Peter the Great was fond of Amsterdam and Holland. He spent much time there studying Navigation.

The Spit of Basil Island is the only place which reveals great ideas of peter the Great make the island the centre of the city. At that spot River Neva is divided into Big and small Neva. There two Rostral Columns decorated with anchors and rostrums which symbolized sea power of Russian Empire. Nowadays the Spit of Vasily Island is a popular place for newly-weds. Here they drink Champagne and break glasses at the Rostral Columns which promises the marriage to be strong and firm. Also they usually fly a pair of two doves. St.Petersburg wedding is worth seeing.

Well planning your voyage around Europe make sure to have a chance to visit St.Petersburg and go ashore on a guided tours. Learn more information here and if you are impressed book your tour.