I have been living in Saint-Petersburg about a quarter of a century and I can definitely say that Petersburg is the most Egyptian city in Russia. The city is located on the same meridian as great pyramids are. Walking streets and embankments one can meet plenty of mysterious creatures: lions, griffins, Satyrs, water creatures such as Nymphs and the most mysterious ones: Sphinxes. There are many other mysterious creatures personifying Saint-Petersburg. But the most puzzled are sphinxes. The sphinx image was used in many historical buildings of Petersburg. Petersburg is called both North Venice and North Sphinx.
After enjoying a ballet performance at the Mariinsky Theater we decided to continue our evening at “Sadko” Restaurant nearby the Theater. As it appeared later a lot of theater goes were frequenters there. Bright interior, smiling waiters, tasty dishes and reasonable prices! If you are there try venison medallions wrapped with bacon – very tasty. Beef Stroganoff my wife ordered was also very delicious. There was one more pleasant surprise when the waiters sang some Russian songs and they did that very professionally by the way. It turned out that the waiters were students of the Conservatoire located just near…
Being on my business trip in St.Petersburg where I go very often I visited the Hermitage Museum as ever this time my main purpose was the exhibition dedicated to my favorite modern architect S. Calatrava - “Santiago Calatrava. The Quest for Movement”. The White Nikolaevsky Hall of the Winter Palace was a magnificent frame for the Calatreva's wonderful architectural models. Besides it was a chance to enjoy his paintings and sculptures I had never seen before. The exhibition lasts till the end of September and if visiting the Hermitage Museum is on your plans don't miss it.
Very vivid city! So many young people in the streets day and night!!! Being fond of jazz music we have been told that the city is a capital of Russian jazz. So it is! We enjoyed the great concert on the ship. Thank you!!!
It is the Great city. We are excited to have visited it. Everyone should at least once in the life. We fell in love with the city. I like walking and the city is comfortable for doing this. The center is fascinating. There are straight streets, large squares. It is impossible to get lost. In two days. Don't miss Peterhof. It is strongly recommended. The fountains are marvelous. Hope it is not the last time for me.
The main purpose of visiting Saint-Petersburg was to attend the Mariinsky theater. I am an opera admirer! Everyone knows that Russia is the first in classical ballet, but now due to maestro Gergiev opera is also very good in Mariinsky. “Chovanshina” by Mussorgsky on the 26 of October was a great experience for me! Bravo Olga Borodina (Marfa). Thank you!!!
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