Yusupov Palace Guided Tour and Mysterious Grigory Rasputin

  • duration: 2 hours
  • price: 50 €
  • location: Moika Embankment

Tour to the Yusupov Palace, situated on the bank of the Moika river, is one of the most intriguing of all the tours available in St Petersburg, Russia. The Yusupov Palace which became a museum is one of the four palaces that this family, the richest one in Russia had in St Petersburg, but it was their favorite one!

Visiting the palace you will have a clear idea of what a house of a noble Russian family was like. And surely be ready to meet Grigory Rasputin - one of the most mysterious personalities on the Russian historical stage of the beginning of the 20th century.

Tour to Yusupov palace lasts 2 hours and in this relatively short time you will:

  • learn why its owners were scared of giving birth to sons and not daughters
  • learn the story of the famous pearl Pelegrina, which belonged to the Yusupov family and disappeared from the palace after the October revolution
  • see exhibition «Grigory Rasputin: Pages of Life and Death» with wax figures of Rasputin and his murders and learn why Felix Ysupov, the last owner of the palace murdered Rasputin at the cellar of the palace and why the strong poison that was used by Felix to kill Rasputin didn’t work out.

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