Catherina Palace and Amber Room Guided Tour

  • duration: 5 hours
  • price: 70 €
  • location: Pushkin town

The residence originated in 1717 when Catherina I was given the estate with lands by her husband Peter the Great. She commissioned architect Johann-Frierrich Braunstein to construct a summer palace for her pleasure. In the middle of 18th century Peter the Great’s daughter Empress Elizabeth found the palace not imposing enough to meet her imperial expectations and invited her court architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli to demolish the old mansion and replaced it with a much grander palace.

More than 100 kilograms of gold were used to gild the complex stucco façade and numerous statues decorated the roof of the 325-meter-long palace.

Each next ruler of the Russian empire ascending the throne made alterations into the interiors of the palace and nowadays we can enjoy contributions of eminent architects of 18-19 centuries and meet various architectural styles from Baroque, Rococo to Classical.  Different tastes of Romanovs Rulers found their reflections in the magnificent State Rooms of the palace including numerous pavilions, galleries and fancy architectural compositions constructed in the Catherina Park.

The Catherina palace is named after Catherina I, the beloved wife of Peter the Great, who ruled Russia after Peter’s death.

The interiors of the Catherina Palace charm and impress their visitors from the first minute with its grandeur, luxury and splendor.  We invite you to go through the so called Golden Enfilade of State Rooms designed by Rastrelli including the Great Hall, measures nearly 1 000 square meters.

You will enjoy numerous dining rooms designed accordingly to the fashion of the time, drawing rooms, studies and private quarters of Russian monarchs.

The Catherina Palace is famous for its world known Amber Room – an immortal creation of Bartolomeo Rastrelli which was given a second life thanks to numerous efforts of our president Vladimir Putin who aimed to revive the interiors of Amber Room to its original design and completed it.

After renovation of the world-known Amber Room the tour to Tsar's Village became one of the most popular tours in St Petersburg. Tsarskoye Selo or Pushkin Town, situated 30 km South-East from St. Petersburg is one of the former summer residences of Russian emperors. It was the favorite one of Peter's daughter Elizabeth being crazy for luxury and of Catherine the Great that gave the palace a little bit more classical view.

Tour to Catherina Palace lasts about 5 hours and during this time you will:

  • learn what happened to pure gold which had been used to cover all the wooden reliefs of the palace
  • see the amazing Great Hall of the palace that was chosen by Elton John for his regular charity concerts
  • learn the story of the famous Amber Room, see it, feel it and even touch (though it is forbidden but most visitors do;-) and learn how many million dollars were paid by our president, Vladimir Putin to bring the stolen Amber room back to the palace
  • be told how badly the Catherine Palace was affected during World War II  and what was undertaken to save the treasures of the Palace
  • who was taken under home arrest in the Catherina Palace
  • see the exhibition dedicated to Romanovs Dinasty

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