Peter and Paul Fortress Guided Tour

Tour to Peter and Paul fortress which is a birthplace of St.Petersburg will bring you to the atmosphere of the beginning of the 18th century. During that tour you will take a walk around the fortress and have a guided tour inside the oldest cathedral in Saint-Petersburg, a burial place for the Romanov dynasty.

Tour to Peter and Paul fortress lasts about 1.5 hours and during this time you will:

  • learn who the first prisoner of the fortress was and learn which famous Russian writer was kept in its walls before he was sent to the execution
  • see the tombs of Romanovs and learn why they have traces showing that someone tried to open it
  • hear the tragic story of the last Russian tsar Nicolas the Second and learn why he was buried in the Cathedral only 80 years after his death and see the icon of the family which is recognized as saints by Russian orthodox church
  • if you are lucky enough, you will hear the noon cannon-shot which is a tradition nowadays that shocks everyone who wasn’t informed about it in advance;-)

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