Guided Tour of The State Hermitage Museum

  • duration: 2 hours
  • price: 40 €
  • location: Palace Square

Is it possible not to be lost in the Hermitage without having a guide who in a 2 hours tour will show you all the masterpieces of the largest museum in St. Petersburg and one of the four largest art museums in the world?!

Museum collections number over 3 million items embracing magnificent works of art from prehistoric to modern times. It is located in the centre of St.Petersburg and occupies five historic buildings, including the Winter palace, the former winter residence of Russian emperors.

Tour to the Hermitage museum lasts about 3 hours and during this time you will be able to:

  • learn how many years it takes you to see all the exhibits of the museum
  • see which present from one of her 13 lovers Catherine the Second loved most of all
  • learn which painting of Rembrandt the general manager of the Hermitage museum will never let to any exhibition abroad
  • see the room where the revolutionaries arrested the Temporary Government
  • and laugh at the most favorite painting of Napoleon Bonaparte

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