Boat Neva Tour and St.Petersburg Canals

Boat Tour along Neva River and Canals of St.Petersburg is worth visiting especially in summer on a sunny and bright day. You will travel along Neva River and numerous Canals of St. Petersburg and enjoy marvelous architecture of Palaces, bridges and embankments passing by. 

Boat Neva River Tour & Canals of St. Petersburg lasts 1,5 hour and during this time you will:

  • understand why St.Petersburg is often called Northern Venice or Little Holland
  • learn why the city is still safe from numerous floods which threatened to St. Petersburg
  • see Petersburg as a mysterious place for all famous writers and poets living and working there and meet their cultural heritage on the river Neva banks
  • catch the spirit of the great city and realize why St. Petersburg has never changed in spite of IT progress and global international innovations

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