Guided Tours in St.Petersburg Russia

To be on a guided tour in St.Petersburg is a good opportunity not to miss so many interesting things. We offer a great variety of guided tours around the city to provide you with an opportunity of choosing the tour of your dream. We regularly create new private guided tours to include all the numerous sights of St.Petersburg and you probably could find the one being in correspondence with your personal interests. If a desired tour is not among them, our managers will be happy to help you with planning your own tour to discover St.Petersburg up to your interests. Our guides will give you a different vision of St.Petersburg so you will enjoy a genuine Petersburg experience.

During your guided tour you usually not only enjoy the sights of St.Petersburg but are informed about the past, the present and even about the future of the city. New walking tours around Saint‑Petersburg appears every year, professional guides create new rare unique St.Petersburg itineraries. Here you can find some of the tours that we are offering. Surely all of them can be combined. If you would like to have something different don't hesitate to describe us your desire.

  • Guide service, museum entrance ticket and transport on request are included into the price.

Boat Tour along Neva River and Canals of St.Petersburg is worth visiting especially in summer on a sunny and bright day. You will travel along Neva River and numerous Canals of St. Petersburg and enjoy marvelous architecture of Palaces, bridges and embankments passing by. 

  • duration: 2 hours
  • price: 50 €
  • location: Moika Embankment

Tour to the Yusupov Palace, situated on the bank of the Moika river, is one of the most intriguing of all the tours available in St Petersburg, Russia. The Yusupov Palace which became a museum is one of the four palaces that this family, the richest one in Russia had in St Petersburg, but it was their favorite one!

  • duration: 5 hours
  • price: 70 €
  • location: Pushkin town

The residence originated in 1717 when Catherina I was given the estate with lands by her husband Peter the Great. She commissioned architect Johann-Frierrich Braunstein to construct a summer palace for her pleasure. In the middle of 18th century Peter the Great’s daughter Empress Elizabeth found the palace not imposing enough to meet her imperial expectations and invited her court architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli to demolish the old mansion and replaced it with a much grander palace.

  • duration: 5 hours
  • price: 80 €
  • location: Peterhof town

Guided Tour to Peterhof Grand Palace, situated 29 km South-East from St. Petersburg on the shore of the Gulf of Finland is a tour to a former official summer residence of the Russian Tsars, is often referred to as "the Russian Versailles", (believe us, much more impressive!). It is an ensemble of gardens, palaces, fountains rich with water, gilded sculptures and trimmed trees.

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