Folklore Show in the Nikolaevsky Palace

For those who are fond of travelling and have been to many places there is one more unsolved mystery – Russia, the place on Earth where still live people with ancient history. To learn those people and their history from its sources it is necessary to visit St. Petersburg. Travel to St. Petersburg will bring you back to 18-19 centuries as the city itself keeps old architectural traditions. St. Petersburg still remains the diamond of Russia, the cultural capital of Russian Federation. St. Petersburg Russia Tours are still famous among all the travelers all over the world. Peterhof Guided Tour One of the most…
The Field of Mars is the square in the center of Saint Petersburg. At the beginning of the XVIII century there was a vacant territory to the west from the Summer Garden and it was called "The Amusing Field" (Poteshnoye Pole) or "The Big Meadow" (Bolshoy Meadow) and later "The Queen's Meadow" (Tsaritsyn Meadow). Usually the military parades were passing on that meadow. Private guided tour in St.Petersburg will help you to learn the history of the Field of Mars. In 1798 — 1801 the monuments to the military leaders P. A. Rumyantsev and A. V. Suvorov were placed there. In…
The Rostral Columns are the architectural constructions in the center of Saint Petersburg, on the Spit (“the Strelka”) of Vasilevsky Island. In the XIX century they carried out the function of the port beacons of the northern capital. The Spit of the Basil Island ("the Strelka of Vasilevsky Island") is the unique place in St.Petersburg full of historical points and legends. Visiting this place during private guided city tour in St.Petersburg will give you all the impressions and details. Coming back to the history: The Rostral Columns were built in 1810 according to the project of the French architect Thomas…
Dutch Group September 2012. I am Elena, a guide at the Priora Tours Company. Here I decided to share a video made by my tourists that visited St.Petersburg in September. They were impressed both with the city and the services. Video made by Marie-Jose Geeraerts. "Eerste deel van onze reis. Hermitage en folklore avond volgen".


Enjoy this video of Guided Winter Tours in St.Petersburg with a beautiful melody from the popular Russian movie "The Irony of the Fate". Music by Mikael Tariverdiev.


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